Bring Your Vehicle To The 2018 Return To Renton Car Show!


  • We have 50 VIP tickets available this year! Exclusive entrance, nice perks!
  • The vehicle entrance has been re-worked this year so that pre-registered vehicles go through the express lane. Please pre-register!
  • To register multiple vehicles please go through registration separately for each vehicle so that we have correct owner and vehicle data and we let you enter the show.
  • You can add additional shirts and accessories to your purchase. Add tickets below then go to the Shop, pick your extra swag, and checkout.


23 available
2018 VIP Vehicle Registration$75.00VIP entrance, VIP parking, and a goody bag!

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Unlimited available
2018 Vehicle Registration$25.00Vehicle, Express Entrance, & goody bag for the first 300 registrations

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