Thank you so much for being interested in being a judge at the Return To Renton Benefit Car Show! Judging is a fun way to be involved and no experience is needed for many of our judging categories. Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

When Do I Need To Do What?

Judges check in at 10:30 and will be done by 1:30 pm. We will give you the direction and materials you need to be successful.

Do I Need Judging or Car Experience?

No experience needed. We need people at all levels of experience, so sign up!

Do I Get Some Swag?

Yes, Judges get free t shirts.

How Do I Indicate A Specific Judging Category?

If you already know about judging and know what you want to judge please enter that in the form.

I Have Questions…

Go ahead and submit the form and then reply to the confirmation email you receive with whatever is on your mind.


P.S. When you sign up as a judge we add your email address to the show newsletter and a judges list so we can keep you generally informed and reach out with judging information.